Happy Hygge Life | Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads – Two Pack
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Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads – Two Pack

Air Plants (Tillandsia) get their common name from the fact they don’t require soil. They are epiphytes, which attach to other plants or trees for support. Their roots are only used to anchor themselves and are normally removed during cultivation for aesthetics. They are not parasitic, instead they gather micro nutrients from the air and water in structures called trichomes on their leaves. As the plant dries the trichomes take on a white powder look. After watering the plant will return to a vibrant green. Air Plants must dry fully between watering because they are susceptible to rot if left wet to long. These Air Plants will only bloom once, but after the bloom they can form up to 12 “Pups”, or offspring, at their base. The main plant will slowly be on its way out, but the Pups will continue to thrive and will separate when mature. Air Plants prefer filtered sunlight as their natural home is under tree canopy. This makes them perfect house plants. Air Plant care is pretty simple. Upon arrival give your plants a good hour or two soak in a shallow bowl of water. Place the plants root/base side up and out of the water. The base is the area susceptible to rot if left wet too long. You can mist the plants a few times a week or repeat the soaking once a week or a combination of the two. Just remember the best thing you can do for your plant is to let it dry completely between watering. Air Plants like as much filtered sunlight as they can get. Anywhere within 8 feet of a window that gets light for the better part of the day will work. If that’s not possible they can live on artificial light, but the source has to be pretty close like a desk lamp. As a special treat you can collect rainwater for your Air Plant, the nutrients in rainwater or pond water are more abundant than in the air or tap water, but this is not necessary.

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