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Boskke Clear Cube Tabletop Planter – Triple

Contemporary gardening company Boskke creates products with urban spaces in mind. The Boskke Cube is an innovative, self-watering planter that only needs to be watered once a month. In addition to this practical feature, the Cube also exhibits a distinctive design the classic pot is deconstructed and recast as a transparent planter, revealing the plants’ water, soil, and roots. Featuring space for three small plants, this Cube would make an excellent addition to a cook’s kitchen counter with basil, oregano, and mint on hand or a charming floral trio for an indoor Green Thumb primroses, amaryllises, and African violets would provide cheery pops of color to a windowsill or desk. With a large water reservoir and a Slo-Flo watering system, herbs and flowers alike will remain nourished during extended watering periods. A clean and original design, the Boskke Cube will make a refreshing addition to an indoor space.

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